Episode 2 - Podcasts with Professors

Hosted by: Professor William Siembieda
Guest: Robert Lewin, Principal at Resolute Associates, Former Cal Fire Chief for San Luis Obispo County and Director of Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management

Paradise, California recently faced the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. Planners, engineers, and emergency response teams worked together to respond to various aspects of the disaster. As climate change looms on and natural disasters become more frequent and devastating, planners need to understand what skills are necessary to mitigate pre-disaster, respond during the disaster, and restore post-disaster.

In this episode, Professor William Siembieda will interview Robert Lewin, an expert in Emergency Management and Wildfires, to explore the vast field of hazard mitigation planning. Lewin gives a brief background of wildfires, provides a case study for the Camp Fire in Paradise, California, and stresses the need for more interdisciplinary collaboration in this hazard mitigation planning. Listen in to find out how planners can play a key role in mitigating the effects of upcoming natural disasters!

We would like to thank Nick Johnston and Ritu Muralidharan for producing this podcast, and Paul Chytla-Hinze for editing!

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